Petstagram! Top Pets on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for foodies, selfies, travel pics and humble bragging. It’s huge for Pets!

The internet is still a cool place and Instagram is the place to be.  If you aren’t on ‘the gram’ and you are wondering why you should have yet another social platform... Let us tell you!

Set it up the way you want it, Instagram will only show you things that you are most interested in. You’ll get to see funny pictures and short videos of cute pets, if you don’t want to see any gossip, celebrity news and politics. Here is a quick guide to get you started on what we call PETSTAGRAM! 😸

Skip this ↓ if you’re already on the gram and know how to use it.

  1. Download the app (Apple) (Google)
  2. Create a user name (can be changed at any time)
  3. Start searching for keywords you like (or hashtags ).  Don’t just  the pic of a cute puppy or cute kitty, click the account name to see all the photos.  Like what you see? Follow them.  (you can un-follow at any time, the account won’t be notified you left)
  4. This video (5-min tutorial) – A little outdated, gets you started right away.


  • Follow whoever you want
  • Follow what interests you and makes you happy
  • Don’t follow anyone or any s you don’t want to.
  • You can post your own photos or videos if you feel like, or just browse, like and comment on others.

The Petstagram!

Petstagram is what we call Instagram because we ignore all the celebrity and political junk. When you follow the right s and accounts, you will have a wonderful app filled with fun, interesting animal stories that delight you every time you open the app.  (This is why we love instagram!)

Top Instagram Animals!

Name Followers (Thousands) Animal Type
@jiffpom 8,900 Dog
@thedogist 3,400 Dog
@thebabyanimals 430 Baby Animals
@marniethedog 2,000 Dog
@nala_cat 3,800 Cat
@hamlet_the_piggy 347 Pig
@itsdougthepug 3,700 Pug Dog
@exempelthebunny 179 Bunny
@nevillejacobs 210 Dog
@iamlilbub 2,000 Cat
@underpantsthedog 37 Dog
@muppetsrevenge 65 Dog
@toastmeetsworld 352 Dog
@pumpkintheraccoon 1,500 Racoon
@manny_the_frenchie 1,100 Dog
@realdiddykong 1,000 Monkey
@crusoe_dachshund 693 Dog
@chinnybuddy 107 Chinchilla
@harlowandsage 1,700 Dog
@juniperfoxx 2,600 Fox
@venustwofacecat 1,600 Cat
@mensweardog 361 Dog
@wally_and_molly 306 Rabbit
@deanthebasset 244 Dog
@lionelthehog 134 Hedgehog
@dailydougie 519 Dog
@jackthecockatiel 54 Bird

Top to consider following

Click through these instagram hashtags to see what’s trending:

To start your own Petstagram with your fur babies (feather babies or scale babies).

Quick tips to get you started on your own Petstagram:

  • Post the most interesting, cute, engaging photos/videos of your babies.
  • Write a cute caption for the picture
  • Be sure to include relevant hashtags (up to 25). Tip: don’t include any of the #likeforlike or #followforfollow, those will only get you people who don’t actually care about your account.
  • Continue to like, follow, and comment on other accounts that have similar interests
  • Watch your followers and interactions grow. It may be slow to start, wait for momentum to build.  Your pets may be the next big Instagram stars!

Thanks for reading our article! We have a lot of fun with instagram and we hope you will too, consider following our account. We try to post uplifting stories and cute photos of pets. You can always #entirelypets or @entirelypets in your posts to get noticed by us! Hope to see you on the gram!

Written by Jesse, an EntirelyPets staff member who loves all animals and is a licensed falconer. You can follow him and his animals on his instagram.

BONUS: INFLUENCERS on Instagram – If your account gets popular enough, you can become a “social influencer” where your pets can be a go-to account for companies to send you free pet products to review and post about.  The most  popular accounts can get paid for posts. While it’s fun to get paid for what you love, we petstagram because we love our pets and we love people who love their pets.

Think your Petstagram has what it takes to be an influencer?  Here is a brief on our influencer program!